Sunday, May 21, 2017

My mother, the superhero.

I'd like to talk about my mother for a second.
If you asked her as a little girl, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" She would proudly respond, "airline pilot".
Well my mother never became an airline pilot. Instead, she worked at an airport during college as a gate agent. She would stare longingly at the planes taking off as if it was an impossible dream.
My mom went to college and graduated with her degree in international business. Not even a year later, she was married. And that was the narrative of her life.
5 years later she had me and she was working as a sales rep for a pharma company.
While she loved her life, something seemed to be missing.
My mother raised me to be fiercely independent. She always instilled in me the idea hat as women, we could achieve anything we wanted.
I think after years of saying this she realized how she never really took her own advice.
Looking up she saw a plane zoom above her, gliding effortlessly through the clouds.
Perhaps it was a sign?
Either way, she signed up for flying lessons.
She told no one.
And then one day, I remember this perfectly, she sat my brother and I down and said "ok guys, today we are doing something big"
I was 12 years old, I remember wearing a green polo shirt, and utter confusion crossed my face.
She drove us to a small airport in Miami. We still had no idea what we were doing here.
We were met by a nice guy wearing a pilots uniform standing next to a small prop plane on the otherwise empty tarmac.
I looked at my mom, then to the man, then to my mom again.
"No. we. are. not." I spit out.
"Oh yes we are" my mother reassured me, them most excited I have ever seen her.
My mother was taking us flying.
I nervously entered the plane, put on a pair of headphones and said a silent prayer.
My mother was so confident. She was absolutely fearless. I could not believe what i was seeing as she pushed all the buttons and said some commands into her own headphones. And all of a sudden we were moving, gradually and then all at once. I shut my eyes so tight I got a headache.
When I opened them all I could see was the blue color of the perfect sky around us.
We were flying. My mom was finally a pilot.
She flew us around for an hour and then effortlessly touched us back down.
"You can do anything you want Andrea, remember that."
That day she wasn't just my mom, she was my superhero.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Tipping Point Review

''one dramatic moment in an epidemic when everything can change all at once.’'
I had the pleasure of reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. His book emphasizes the importance of the little things. How these small chance occurrences shape our world and lead to that one bid idea, that could ultimately change our lives forever. Gladwell writes that the tipping point are like epidemics, in that they are contagious and help spread things easily. I like this idea and Gladwell made the metaphor throughout his book which made it very clear as a reader what he meant in this sort of abstract idea of a “tipping point”. Gladwell describes three different types of epidemics that lead to our tipping point: The law of the few, the stickiness factor, and the power of context. I personally thought the power of context was the most relevant but each theory proves to be different in explaining an idea of pervasive thought. In a world where viral videos and trends are all anyone talks about, having huge groups of people behind you and supporting an idea (specifically the number 150), was to me the most clear and effective in Gladwell’s writing. While his language is engaging and exciting to dissect as a reader, I thought at times it fell short of anything persuasive or rooted in solid foundation. His writing, although littered with science and reasoning, was a bit common sensical at times to read. His theories are what everyone has thought at some point but never really articulated on to paper. Which begs the question, does everything we think need to be documented? This idea occurred to me during the reading of this book and its relevance with fads. We as a society are obsessed with fads, and the “stickiness” of these ideas, simply because we desire the need to document everything we think or do. In an ironic sense, the book was now beginning to make itself clear to me. These little fads, little ideas, thoughts, and documented aspects of our life lead to one great tipping point; an idea I failed to see before. The real purpose of writing down these ideas, having blogs even, is to culminate into a revolution. We have seen revolutions in the past, and they all happen like science just the way Gladwell so eloquently writes. And they all boil down to the small fads that led to a cultural shift in thought. Everything we do and see on social media now a-days is preparing us for a tipping point in the future, according to Gladwell. Well, atlas thats what I got out of it. Gladwell goes on to give more scientific reasoning and examples, things like race relations and how they correspond to housing in this country. These tipping points can come from anywhere, but I like to read the book in a bigger picture sense. His words are a message to those out there that our voice does matter, that everything small thing we encounter has a ripple effect. Why not use this idea when we think about media and our blogs, write down what is important to you and cultivate your own tipping point of revolutionary thought for young people. That is my take away from this book I thought was going to be very different. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The CMIR is cool

Hi everyone, as you may or may not know I am a proud J-School student at the University of Florida.
A really cool part of the Journalism school is this nifty place called the Center for Media Innovation and Research.  Part of their mission is to develop new forms of communication through multimedia. Creating this blog is just one step into their process of becoming a successful program. My favorite aspect of the CMIR is the 21st Century News Lab and Newsroom.
In the newsroom we learn how to be professional broadcasters where we edit and produce news segments for the 5'clock newscast. Here's a link to my last shift where I "photogged" a segment about Confederate History Month in Ocala, Fl. The Innovation Newsroom as part of CMIR has allowed me to develop professional skills and create real newscasts like any real working reporter.
Here is a picture of me looking awkward talking about some local Gainesville news. I am very proud of my work through the CMIR and look forward to future projects. Some really interesting student initiatives produces by the CMIR, like this one about video games saving lives in Africa, are utilizing new communication skills with practical and tangible world applications. So please enjoy another picture of me in the blazing hot Florida summer trying to figure out the zoom. XOXO. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to be a functioning human

If you're anything like me, a big ole mess (note:not to be confused with Ole' Miss the biggest mess of them all) wrapped in an enigma of keepin'ittogether then definitely check out these blogs from some cool people who seem to have this whole "composure" thing down.

If you are a college aged girl trying to figure it all out, Rebecca Adams has the blog for you as she encounters the daily struggle of finding yourself and paying for it.

And if you're an intern or have ever lived that intern life than you know all too well the struggles it entails to be successful and keep it together. Crystal Bailey perfectly explains how to make it and do what you love.

Finally, have you ever wondered: How DO I have it all? Well please read Leah Shields blog as she navigates her away around balancing life with pursuing your dreams, and doing it effortlessly.

Fitness Advice

In case you were wondering, I do occasionally wander cluelessly into the gym. Only to sit on the stationary bike for 35 minutes while perusing Instagram, but that is besides the point.
If you want some REAL fitness advice check out these blogs from a couple of some cool gals I like to call friends.

Aggie Buedos blog, gives some insight on how to stay fit...forever. She has some handy tips for 8 minute abs for girls like me who become impatient with working out, and some yummy smoothie recipes that I am obviously a fan of.

Sara Girard is busting some fitness myths by attempting to do exercises only recommended by glossy magazine covers. I don't care what you say Sara, Cosmo will ALWAYS give my the best butt in minutes!

Finally, Alexis Geffin's blog is for those over achievers out there. She provides motivation and ideas for those trying to lift and be really really fit, not me but I can try! Thanks for the inspiration Alexis!

As told by Andrea, the auto-biography

In brief, my story is long and winded. But nevertheless I strive to be the ultimate storyteller. My story begins in Miami, Florida 21 years ago. On that rainy day a little Virgo was born and the world gained one more basic white slash hispanic girl. I grew up in Miami and was a product of the awkward stage and Limited TOO. I rocked matching velour sweatsuits with rhinestones and always matched my braces rubber bands to my mood o'the day. I was one hell of a kid I will admit. Also, in case you were wondering...YES Lizzie Mcguire was my favorite show on television, just read my first blog post;) 
When I finally entered tween-don my love for food, and more specifically brunch, blossomed into a fine skill-- much like a finely aged wine. 
I went to a high school for the arts, theatre, go figure. I wanted to move away and become the princess of Manhattan, and YES that is a Blaire Waldorf reference. I was eating sashimi and Benedict  before I really had teeth to properly chew. But alas, my theatre dreams were thwarted as I became inundated with the daunting reality of bills. I hopped on the communications train real quick and now here I am neck deep in a swamp. 
Could not be happier #tbh 
In fact I managed to make a name for myself here. Here'a link to my resume so you can all read what I've been up to here at the University of Florida. 
And YES  I do more than take pictures of breakfast foods. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

My website

Hi guys, along with my superfluous blog posts I also have a professional website that keeps up to date on my work and resume! Check out my website by clicking my name Andrea. Have fun y'all.
xoxo, BB